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I would like to express my thanks for helping us pursue our dream home. As new home buyers we were intimidated by the thought of buying a house. However, you showed us great patience, communication, professionalism, and efficiency throughout the whole process that was above and behond, and because of you we are now proud homeowners. So again, thank you from the botoom of our heart for everything you have done. We are forever humble and grateful for you service.

Ms. Trina Gross, Nov 8, 2016

Dreams Do Come True

I want to thank Ambassador Mortgage for making the deram of owning a home a reality! Ambassador Mortgage was instrumental in making a difficult process easier I truly appreciate the service and experience it was one of a kind!

Ms. Richardson, Nov 8, 2016

Home For The Holidays

Ambassador Mortgage has done it again! One day before Christmas and another beautiful family has a brand new house that they can now call a home. Making dreams become reality is what we do at Ambassador Mortgage. Don't let the fear of buying a new home stop you. We can walk you through the process of getting you into that new dream home. Call us today at 225.341.3551!

Closed Dec. 24, 2016

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We are Making dreams come true and helping your conquer new territory !

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FHA Loans with a credit score as low as 580
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Ambassador Mortgage, LLC. has received 4.63 out of 5 stars based on 9 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of A.

Helping You Conquer New Territory!

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Pre Approval


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Underwriting Verification


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Appraisal & Title Search


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Ambassador Mortgage is a residential and commercial mortgage lender that provides expert service to home buyers.

The Application Process

The first step in the loan process is to make contact with a loan consultant and begin the application process. At this time the loan consultant will begin gathering all pertinent loan application information from you. The consultant will let you know exactly what documents you will need to provide and address important questions during your initial meeting so they can design the proper loan scenario for you. Loan consultants at Ambassador Mortgage will guide you through the entire loan process at this time. Loan consultants are qualified to answer any questions you may have about loan process, so don’t hesitate to ask.

The Loan Process

After you’ve found a home and are ready to make a move, an appraisal of the home is ordered by Ambassador Mortgage. A professional appraiser will visit your prospective home and inspect the size, condition, function and quality of the home. The appraiser will then compare the home to similar homes in the area that have recently been sold to determine a fair market value. An opinion of value will be included in the final appraisal report along with other data and research used to estimate the value of the home.

The Closing Process


During the underwriting phase of the loan process, an underwriter reviews the loan package and documentation provided by the loan consultant to determine whether the information provided is acceptable to offer the loan to the applicant. The underwriter analyzes the applicant’s credit history, calculates housing and debt ratios, evaluates the value of the home as well as the applicant’s assets and/or funds available to pay a down payment. Once the underwriter has evaluated the loan applicant’s information and calculated the risk in making the mortgage loan, they decide whether or not the application fulfills all of the requirements necessary for loan approval. At this point the underwriter will approve the loan with conditions, suspend the loan or deny the loan as it stands.

Closing on Your Home Loan at the Title Company

At this point, you are so close to grabbing the keys to your new home! All you have left to do is sign your name or initials on what will seem like a million documents – in reality it’s just a few dozen, though. You will travel to the designated title company to complete the closing process. It’s the last active step for you to buy a home, because the only remaining step is funding – and that just depends on all the closing documents having been executed properly. You will have a closing agent from the title company who will walk you through the whole process, and often your real estate agent will meet you just in case you have questions or they need to communicate quickly with anybody else involved in the home sale or loan process.

Current Rates

* All rates below quoted with 1% origination *Based on loan amounts of $165,000+ *Subject to credit & income requirements *Restrictions apply All conventional rates and APRs assume 80% financing on a $165,000 loan value with max loan of $417,000. Offers may terminate at any time without notice. Rate/APR calculated on a 365 day year with typical closing costs. Rates/APRs subject to change in closing costs and properties. All rates as of date posted on this website with 40 day lock period. Signed loan application required to lock rate. Rates may be higher for credit scores below 740 middle score. APR will change with loan amount and percentage of home being financed.

Conv. 30 Year Fixed

As of Jan 5, 2017
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Conv. 15 Year Fixed

As of Jan 5, 2017
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VA 30 Year Fixed

As of Jan 5, 2017
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